Gambling: Rummy

Playing cards are an excellent medium for doing gambling. There are many games played by playing cards. Rummy is one of them. This game can be played with at least two people or more.


The rules of this game are very simple. This game can be played with either one, two or more than two decks of cards.

Here we will learn this game with the method of how to play this game with two people.

In this game, firstly the deck is shuffled, and it is cut. While cutting the cut part is kept below the from the remaining cards one joker is chosen and kept on the table face up.

After this both, the players are distributed 13 -13 cards. From each of these cards, they have to make at least two sequences or sets. Out of these two sets, one must be made without using a joker. Joker is very important in this game; it can play the role of any suit card value depending on the situation.

For example, in the sequence of 3,4 6 of spades, the joker can play the role of five of the spade in the set of Ace, Queen, ten. One joker can play the role of King, and others can play the part of the jack.

There are two piles of the cards on the is the set of discarded open cards and the second is the set of close cards. A player can take anyone’s cards from these two pile and discard the other useless card which he has.

There are mainly eight hands of cards. The rank of these hands in ascending order are High card, pair, three of a kind, straight, flush, full house, straight flush and Royal flush.

Once the player makes at least two sets with at least one proper sequence, he can Adelaide the game. After this, the score of both the team os calculated. In this game, each card is given a value equal to their face card. Like ace is given on, the five-card value is five and on up to ten. Each fave card is also given value as 10.

So this was all the short intro about this game. This can be better to understand and practice while playing it on mobile or real. Whatever way you choose, you will find it very interesting and entertaining also.

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