Find out how a standard no deposit casino bonus work

See everything you should know about Judi Online no deposit bonus. Discover all the details about this gambling promotion right away.

A recent study in the field has found out that about 54% of today’s Judi Online platforms offer no deposit bonuses. Although it’s just half of the contemporary internet casinos, it seems that the promotions, which do not require from you to fund your account to get a gift, are kind of popular. There’s another conclusion we can make from this study. More and more gambling operators tend to become more generous these days as deposit bonuses are, by all means, a bit more complicated to bring you money for nothing.

In this material we would like to introduce to all the newcomers in the world of online gambling the essence of the modern no deposit bonus. On mandatory, keep reading if you are about to register for the first time in a safe and reliable gambling house!

What is the no deposit bonus?

The no deposit bonus is a standard casino bonus. Actually, it’s very popular in traditional sport betting houses, too. In both of these cases, the promotion is given to those, who meet the following requirements:

  • Make an official account in the online casino.
  • Be of a legal age – usually, 18 years old.
  • Never to have opened an account in the same website.
  • Sometimes, a bonus code is supposed to be input after the registration.
  • Sometimes, an account confirmation is needed – whether through a link sent to the e-mail box or in a form of code sent as SMS to the provided mobile phone number

What do you get from the no deposit bonus?

The no deposit bonus does not require from you to make any deposits. You get the promo offer once you finish your registration. You might be given any of these things:

  • A certain amount of money. This is virtual money you will see credited in your account balance.
  • A pack of free spins on slots. You will see them in your account balance, too, with live updates for the remaining number of spins you are left with
  • A pack of free bets on sport.

Note that when you get free spins or sport bets, the betting house might require from you to use them on certain slot games, respectively on certain sport types (including particular odds, leagues and rarely, events).

Can I withdrawal the money won from the no deposit bonus?

Of course, you can. However, different Judi Online platforms have different requirements about this. Usually, you get a certain period to meet the requirements – from 3 (regarding the free slot spins) to 30 days. Within these days you are supposed to play the bonus amount or/and the amount you won from the bonus a couple of times. Attention – if when you used your deposit bonus you had to play the bonus amount only up to 10 times, don’t expect this number to be repeated in the no deposit terms and conditions. Generally, the minimum requirement is to play it at least 30 times.

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