Some Superstitions In Baccarat

Baccarat is involved with several superstitions. When gamblers win money in this game, they are tempted to be superstitious to continue their winning streak.

All casino games are linked with superstitions. Players opine that certain rituals can bring them good luck. Of all the casino games, Baccarat is associated with the maximum count of superstitions. Following are some superstitions that you can apply when you play online Baccarat.

A Good Luck Charm

Some players carry a good luck charm to the table. If a gambler wins in one session and has worn a specific charm, this gambler wears the charm for the next game.

Red Color

The color, Red, has a special place in Chinese culture. It is a symbol of luck. So, Chinese gamblers wear red clothing at a Baccarat table. The casinos in Las Vegas know the significance of this color, and hence, they include red color decorations in high-roller rooms.

Tapping a Pen on a Glass or an Ashtray

Baccarat gamblers believe that if they tap a pen on glass or an ashtray while the cards are being dealt, they will get the cards that would make them win. So, casinos serve pens at the Baccarat tables. A few gamblers believe they should stab good cards through their middle. This superstition can be witnessed at Macau casinos but not in American casinos.

Ripping Cards

After players receive a bad hand, they tear their cards apart. An example of such a situation is when they get a score of 4. Specifically, Macau casinos permit gamblers to tear their cards. In American casinos, this is not permitted. So, ripping these cards conforms with the Macau Baccarat. It also allows gamblers to vent their frustration on the cards.

The same Dealer’s Table

Gamblers develop an attachment to a specific dealer’s table if they continue to win on this table. These players also incline a particular dealer. If they win at a dealer’s table, they tend to play at this dealer’s table whenever a seat is available. On similar lines, if a dealer’s table has proved unlucky, they tend to avoid that dealer’s table in the future. Also, players see this as bad luck when their table alters the dealers. An extended version of this superstition is that when dealers are switched, the gamblers pick up their chips and search for a new table.

Trend Betting

The first type is wagering with winning streaks. The gambler believes a winning streak will likely continue in the end. The gambler wants to leverage the winning streak. The second type is wagering against the trend. The gambler believes if a specific result has won a particular time continuously, the opposite result should be expected for the next gamble. To help gamblers, several casinos have Baccarat tables and electronic-boards that maintain the results of 20 to 30 hands.

Deep inside their minds, Baccarat gamblers admit that the results are based purely on odds. It is not feasible to change the odds simply by the preceding superstitions. However, if you win money in Baccarat, it becomes impossible to resist the urge to be superstitious.

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