Gambling: Horse Racing

Gambling is not a new thing for society. It was there since long ago. There are many forms of gambling, and all those forms are quite popular in the community. Today we will discuss one of the excellent ways of it that is horse racing.

Horse racing

It is a type of racing in which horse participates with or without the rider on it. In this race, there may be many numbers of horses or just two too. Which horse touches the ribbon or other marks first is declared the winning horse.

Types of horse racing

There are mainly five types of horse racing

Flat racing, jump racing, Endurance racing, harness racing, and saddle Trotting.

Flat racing

This is the race in which the horses are to run between two points. These two points may be either in a straight line or in the oval or round shape track.

Endurance racing or riding

This is the race in which the horse has to cover comparatively longer distances. Here horses have to travel throughout the city or town with the limited route with a rider on its back.

Saddle trotting

In this horse-racing horses are not allowed to gallop. Here they need to only trot on the track, and if they could do so successfully within limited Time, they are declared the winner.

Jump racing

This horse racing is not like regular horse racing. In this horse racing, the whole running track is filled with many obstacles at different distances. The horses need to run as well as jump also to win the race. This race is also very famous as a steeplechasing race.

Harness racing

This is a particular type of racing. In this horse, a racing horse pulls the rider on its back or some luggage. In some cases, they have to pull both of them.

Countries where horse racing is legal

Many countries in the world have allowed horse racing as a fair game. Some of these countries’ names include France, China, South Korea, UK, Italy, India, etc. In India, it is mainly organized in Maharashtra.

Types of betting

There are mainly three types of horse racing. These racing are To bet, To place and To show.

To bet

In this racing, the chances of the wining are least as here the horse wins, only when it comes first. Here the winning amount is the most.

To place

The flexibility to win in the type of horse racing is more than To bet but less than to show. Here horse can win even if he comes second. The winning amount here is generally less than the to bet format.

To show

In this format of horse racing, the probability of winning is most. Here the horse can win even if it comes either first, second or third. The winning amount here is generally the least.

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